About CTR


As the owner of a business, you need to concentrate on critical revenue building, getting your product made, and putting out fires. You move at the speed of light. After all of your hard work, is your business profitable? If not, do you know why? The job of analyzing your numbers and strategizing for profitable growth is often overlooked.

No worries, CTR is here to help. We alleviate the stress and worries from your business at a FRACTION of the cost of a full time CFO. Our experienced CFOs utilize financial expertise in analyzing your information as the basis for identifying problems and implementing solutions which increase profits.


  • CFO expertise for objective, independent perspective on building business profit and value
  • Deep technical accounting, finance, tax and business systems experience
  • Utilization of numbers to solve critical profit blockers
  • Experience in a wide range of industries for clients at various stages of development and growth
  • Services are available on a project or interim basis at fraction of the cost of full time CFO